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Comments from Children:


"I thought the session with Tim was very good - it helped me learn a lot about Growth Mindset - it taught me to keep trying"

 "I learnt to put effort into things that I do and try the hardest I possibly can"

 "Your quotes made me really think and I loved the session - I will never forget it"

 "I've learnt to listen and since the workshop I think I have listened more and I work better in a team"

 "I really enjoyed building the tepee as I used team building skills and worked with people I don't usually work with. I learnt that you should not give up and anything can come true if you just believe in yourself. I would recommend this workshop to other schools so children work with other people they don't usually work in a team with"

Teacher Comments- Motivational, Enterprise, Revision and Transition Workshops: 

  • Kings Somborne, Hants- Thank you for the day, which was really enjoyed by the children and the staff. It kicked off our enterprise week beautifully. Talking to the children the next day, they gained a huge amount from the day and hopefully will begin to realise that there is a world of work out there and they can achieve all that they want to , with effort and commitment!

  • Cheadle Hulme High, Stockport- Thank you again for your time and energy last Friday - all the staff have reported to me how well you connected with the pupils and that they all enjoyed the sessions. We had an email from a parent thanking us for the effort put into the programme as a whole and your session deserves that thanks too as part of the overall scheme

  • Marlborough, Plymouth- Thank you so much for yesterday. The feedback from staff and children has been great. They all thoroughly enjoyed their day. I will definitely be contacting you for next year and will pass on details to other schools, especially those in our Trust of 6 primaries. 

  • Sir John Lillie, Hammersmith- We had a fantastic day working with you and all feedback for children has been incredibly positive. Thank you for coming in and we certainly hope to work with you again in the future!

  • St Cedds, Essex- All the children took something away from the day and were able to tell me lessons they had learnt. What is really good is to have such a memorable experience to refer back to when explaining the importance of learning etc

  • Halfacres Primary, Wakefield- The two days you spent with us were really successful and I would not hesitate to recommend you to other schools

  • Methley Primary, Leeds- Thanks Tim. I have already made many references to the need for the children to 'follow the process'- let's hope this pays off in the long run!

  • Moor Park High, Lancs- Staff and pupils alike enjoyed their day with you and I was especially pleased with the outcome

  • St Oswalds Primary, Lancs- Thanks so much for the day. Anthony and I think the tasks were worthwhile. I found the wigwam activity very interesting!!!!!! It was great for me to stand back and look at the dynamics of the group. It is easy to see why they can be a challenge when you watch all the characters having to work together

  • Broxbourne High School- We have good feedback from both the staff and the students that participated. Hopefully see you again next year

  • Corelli College, London- Thank you for all your hard work today. I’ve just been downloading all the photos from today and it’s really obvious looking at them that the students enjoyed themselves – in every photo they are either smiling like loons or frowning in concentration as they throw balls or try to make a tepee stand up. Thank you very much, and I’d definitely like to use you again

  • Peel Park, Lancs- lots of good feedback thanks. The children seemed to really enjoy it and the staff were also very positive

  • South Hiendley, Wakefield- Thank you for the workshop, it was good meeting you last week. I have received positive feedback so hopefully this will impact on the children's work!

  • Blessed Sacrament, Lancs- The feedback from pupils and parents following your workshop was very positive

  • Bourne Abbey Primary School, Lincs- The children enjoyed the workshops hugely and the staff commented on how valuable they were

  • Harrington Hill Primary, Hackney- The staff and children all gained so much from the sessions . If you need any recommendations or quotes from our children for other schools I would be delighted to do so - they should have the chance to experience such valuable learning

  • Fairfield High School, Bristol- High majority of students enjoyed the workshops and thought they were beneficial 

  • Hoo St Werburgh Primary, Medway- We thoroughly enjoyed your workshop last year and are keen to rebook

  • Lainesmead Primary, Swindon- The staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again

  • Invicta Grammar School- Thank you. Given that you HAD to work in such a large group I felt the day was excellent 

  • Macaulay School, Lambeth- I think the features of enterprise you showed e.g. self starting, team working etc. were powerful skills that could be applied in so many areas of children's learning - and seemed very similar to skills that we aim to teach them they need in order to be a good learner

  • Monk Fryston Primary, Leeds- Just want to say thank you so much for yesterday. It was just what we wanted and everyone enjoyed it! 

  • King Alfred's High School, Somerset- It was a very successful day which we pitched slightly differently to last year and the response was excellent. I look forward to working with Tim next year to continue this good work

  • Northlands Junior, Pitsea- I've spoken to a number of children and staff about the two days that you were in and everything I heard was very positive! The children really enjoyed doing something different and thoroughly enjoyed the experience

  • St Helena’s, Lincs- the Head was very impressed and said she would recommend you to other schools and would love to have you back!

  • St Illtyds, Swansea- The children really enjoyed the day and lots of the staff commented on hearing them chatting about the activities during playtimes and lunch so they were obviously interested in what we did. I'm sure that we'll be seeing you again

  • Walford & North Shropshire College- Thank you so much for coming up early last Thursday and delivering a great workshop to our students

  • St Mary’s Primary, Uxbridge- The feedback from both pupils and teachers was really positive

  • Staverton Primary, Northants- Many thanks for coming in last week. The children really enjoyed it and got a lot from the day

  • Warwickshire College- The students' have commented on how much they have enjoyed the sessions and more importantly how much it has made them focus on their own personal goals in the future

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