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2-3 HOURS, up to 30 staff, £230 plus expenses at £65- NO VAT

2-3 HOURS, up to 60 staff, £300 plus expenses at £65- NO VAT

FULL DAY when combined with another activity £350 plus expenses at £65- NO VAT

The 'Learn To Succeed' workshop for teachers and staff is based on the workshop I run with children with the addition of discussing how teachers can use these tools in the classroom.


Everything I do is based on ‘coaching’ and ‘life skills’. On these workshops I want the staff to consider that:


• a growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset, may lead to an individual increasing their potential  

• it is important to have goals and want to be successful, this is what makes us get out of bed in the morning and achieve!

• we can learn anything-  if we really want to!

effort always leads to results

• we learn through following a process......

• life is so much easier if we get on with everyone!


All my workshops are fun, interactive and fast paced. They are designed to support your 'growth mindset' work within school.


As part of the workshop, depending on the time available, the teachers will:


• play the name game as an ice breaker and to think about how we help raise each other's self esteem. This exercise reinforces the growth mindset of praising effort- not being 'clever' or 'intelligent'

• learn the 'pen trick' to demonstrate that we can learn anything if we really want to. This is a simple trick, however it takes effort and only those who want to learn the trick, will! This brings in the notions of what motivates us, perseverance, and the fact that when we can't do something it simply means we haven't learnt it YET. With children, as the day goes on, more and more learn the trick which encourages the others that it can be done!

• complete a worksheet to reinforce understand what motivates us to work hard, get on with others and learn. We look at the things that work well at the moment, what the team and individuals do well and the fact that these things have been achieved through effort. 

• then we look at the things that don’t work so well. However, we don’t dwell on this but rapidly move the thinking forward by asking ‘what do you want instead’. This simple reframing is very motivational. From there we  move onto the future goals of the team and making sure they are goals and not dreams.

• learn to juggle to emphasise that we learn through following a process. This clearly demonstrates that teachers know the process for taking a child successfully through learning a new skill or subject- as long as the child follows the process and puts in the effort, they will learn. It also demonstrates that we learn at different speeds to each other and THAT IS OK!

• understand that the easiest way to plan success in anything is to assume you have achieved it and then work backwards to find out what you need to do!

• work in teams, developing communication and leaderships skills. This is achieved through team building games involving balancing 8 foot bean poles and throwing balls into buckets!

• play a spot the difference game to realise we all have skills and talents which will make us successful, IF WE LOOK FOR THE OPPORTUNITIES to use those skills and talents!


Suitable for all staff, this workshop is highly motivational and interactive, and everyone will take away something useful which will help their personal development- and they are also great fun. I tailor the workshop to fit your timings.



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