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TEAM BUILDINGFor any group wishing to improve their communication, bond, connect, or simply have some fun! 

HALF DAY £245 plus expenses at £65- NO VAT

FULL DAY when combined with another activity £325 plus expenses at £65- NO VAT

My 3 hour team building workshop is a light hearted, fun event where teams can learn a little more about how they work together in a relaxed and fun environment.
These workshops are aimed at any group who are looking for a fun way to improve communication, bond, develop future goals, or simply reconnect with each other. The event helps build ‘rapport’ between team members, encourages the delegates to think about how they may be able to communicate with each more effectively, allows people to think about how they deal with change and recognises the different skills available in the group to deliver together on a task. We do this through juggling, cutting out paper doilies, building tepees out of bean poles and string and other fun activities!
We also look at the things that work well at the moment, what the team does well, and how everyone fits into the team. Then we look at the things that don’t work so well. This gives the chance for individuals to get ‘issues’ out into the open. However, we don’t dwell on this but rapidly move the thinking forward by asking ‘what do you want instead’. This simple reframing is very motivational and is great for solving problems. From there we move onto the future goals of the team and making sure they are goals and not dreams.
The workshops are always highly motivational, thoroughly enjoyable and delivered with a very interactive style involving everyone in the room. The team building works well for group sizes from 5 to 50. I run these events at a location provided by the host organisation.

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